Social Media Influencer Application


Running a Geek/Funko Pop! online store now-a-days is not an easy job. Although we have been around for a while now and have a great customer base there are new websites and stores popping up daily right now. So many people trying to jump on the bandwagon thinking its an easy gig.. Far from it. We have learnt over the years you have to put a lot of effort into this line of work making sure the dedication is there for customers to get a 5 star experience is not an overnight job.

That being said, when these "Fantastic" new stores do pop up, people are so quick to jump on them on social media, saying how amazing they all are and no other store competes with them they seem to forget the flawless and excellent service from us longer standing companies. - We have seen so many new companies fly on to the scene and within minutes disappear as soon as bad reviews start coming in when they drop the ball/stop bothering. Yet we are still here and still delivering a five star service but no one seems to shout about us as much for some reason!

This is where you come in. We are looking for Social Media Influencers. People who share our posts on Facebook Groups/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube and any other Social Media about. In the past we have always done this ourselves or on the odd occasion customers or other people have done a quick share or retweet (Which we love!) But now its time to start pushing a little more!

How Does It Work?

First and foremost, we will not be given away free stock, nor paying for these positions. While a lot of people seem to think throwing stock at people to get results we believe in people working for it! Our method will reward you the more you get our name out there. So here is how it works.

The system we will be using is an affiliate system. You will receive a URL/code dedicated to you for you to share and use when posting about us and sharing our links. This URL will track customers to our website and when they buy anything you are rewarded. 

Rewards as follows:

5% of all sales you make from people clicking your link

0.05p per click of your link

Obviously the more you share and post about us the greater your rewards could be. 

Our system automatically records all referrals and at the end of the month we shall send you a report detailing all referrals and how much you have made. This will then be sent to you in a form a gift card that can then be used on our website for whatever you want. (Yes you can save them up)

As a little extra we will also give you a free "Geeky" Email mailbox (If you want one!) for more information on these take a look here

What Is In It For You?

OK, Obviously you have the reward system stated above and the mailbox. But what else? - Well we always make a point of sharing/retweeting all posts and videos about us. We believe this helps you guys bring in more followers and subscribers and hopefully make your Social Media more popular at the same time as ours. 

We are not big enough to give away lots of freebies, or sponsor people etc and we hope the details above make you want to give it ago. Again, the more you share, the more you tell people about us, the more sales we get, the more money you get and the more people come to you too. In the future as we grow, who is to say we wont be able to give you more? We could start giving away freebies or increasing the commission. But at this moment in time we just don't know. COVID-19 has been very difficult for all businesses, in the last 2 months we have had 6 events cancelled which could have been around £10k in sales! So right now we need to push at making our website and business grow in the right direction, a little faster but still maintaining our high standard of service.

We hope you do decide to work along side with us!