Toy Story D-Stage PVC Diorama Special Edition 15 cm

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February 2020

Toy Story D-Stage PVC Diorama Special Edition 15 cm [Pre-Order - Item Due In To Stock February 2020]

The classic, original D-Stage (formally D-Select) Toy Story diorama was one of Beast Kingdom's most popular releases. With the release of the new Toy Story 4, this 'Galaxy' colour variant is poised to be a sure crowd pleaser, an updated release ready for a wonderment.
Disney's Toy Story has always embodied cute, yet fun adventure for all ages to enjoy! Seeing Woody, controlling the RC car, the cute and zany three-eyed Aliens on the lookout, and Buzz preparing to lift-off 'to infinity and beyond' brings the immense fun to your table top! Coupled with a rocket base fit for any toy looking to fly away, this limited D-Select has it all!
The PVC diorama measures approx. 15 x 12 x 9 cm and comes in a plastic transparency blister box.

Due In To Stock February 2020 - Pre-Order Now!

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