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Top Trumps - Marvel Comics Retro

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Top Trumps - Marvel Comics Retro

You won’t need superpowers to win this epic Top Trumps battle — just your knowledge of these classic Marvel heroes and villains! In this Retro Marvel Comics edition of the classic, competitive card game, you’ll find thirty of our favourite characters lifted straight from the pages of classic Marvel comic books, like Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Vision and Black Panther. Discover who is the strongest, the most cunning, who has the most powers and more as you battle it out to outsmart your opponents and claim every card for your own. Will you blast your way to victory with Rocket Raccoon’s Debut Year stat? Or will Captain Marvel’s Top Trumps Rating win the battle? Read up on the origins of these classic heroes and discover their alter egos, classic costumes and skills. Each card comes complete with official artwork and custom bios about these iconic characters. Time to don your mask, choose your best stats and save the day, Top Trumps style.