The Lion King Mystery Box - Hot Topic Exclusive
The Lion King Mystery Box - Hot Topic Exclusive

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Early July 2019

The Lion King Mystery Box - Hot Topic Exclusive [Pre-Order - Item Due In To Stock Early July 2019]

Since its release in 1994, The Lion King has gone on to become one of the most beloved Disney films ever produced. Now a "live-action" remake set to release in June 2019, a whole new generation of Disney fans are set to be inspired by Simba's journey as heir to the throne, bringing an end to Scar’s reign of terror.
Speaking of Scar, while the dude is just plain evil (let’s never mention that Mufasa scene), he’s the star of Funko’s latest collector box, which to any Lion King fan is an absolute must.
The box includes a variety of Lion King collectables including an Ed the Hyena Pocket Pop! Keychain, a Luau Timon Wacky Wobbler, a Zazu in Cage Mystery Mini Figure and finally, one of the coolest Lion King pieces that Funko have ever released, the Scar with Flames Deluxe Pop! Vinyl Figure!
Showcasing the scene where Scar and his gang of Hyenas sing “Be Prepared”, this Deluxe Pop! is one that no Disney fan can do without. Scar stands upon a cliff base with the green flames shooting up around him, it truly is a fantastic piece that would look great with the Hyena Pop! 3-Pack released earlier this year. More importantly, it even comes with a CHASE VARIANT that features red flames, as seen in Scar’s epic battle with Simba at the end of the film.
Important: This box is "Sealed" we can't guarantee the quality of the boxes inside and as such can't offer refunds for "Box Damaged" Pops!

Due In To Stock Early July 2019 - Pre-Order Now!

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