Pop! & Tee Monthly Mystery Box Subscription ~ November 2020 [Small]
Pop! & Tee Monthly Mystery Box Subscription ~ November 2020 [Small]

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November 2020

Pop! & Tee Monthly Mystery Box Subscription ~ November 2020 [Small] [Pre-Order - Item Due In To Stock November 2020]

Introducing Hull Pops Monthly Mystery Box Subscriptions

On or around the 1st of each month we shall be sending out our mystery subscription boxes - Each box is limited and themed and you have until the 20th of each month to subscribe and pay to guarantee you box. - Once you have started your subscription shortly after the previous month box has been sent out each month you will be sent out a reminder for you to pay and subscribe for the next one. If you don't want it, simply don't pay. There are no contracts!

This mystery box subscription is for our Pop! & Tee subscription. - Each mystery box will contain a themed Funko Pop! and Tee (Available in Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large) and possibly an extra little gift too!

Please note, due to demand and reservations we can't guarantee the quality of the Pop! box so can't accept refunds or replacements due to damaged boxes (That said we try to make sure all are 100%)

November 2020 Theme is "EXCLUSIVE!" - Each box will contain a random T-Shirt and a random "Stickered" exclusive Pop! - This could be a USA Exclusive, UK Exclusive, Chase, Comic Con Exclusive etc! - This box will be limited!

This box ships out around the 1st of November 2020 ~ Don't miss out! You have until the 20th October 2020 to sign up!

T-Shirt Supplied is not a Funko T-Shirt

T-Shirt Size: Small

Due In To Stock November 2020 - Pre-Order Now!

Important Pre-Order Information:

1. Payment is taken for all pre-orders up front upon order.

2. Delivery dates are set by our suppliers and are subject to change without notice. If they change we will notify all customers which have ordered the item.

3. Customers can cancel pre-orders at any time. However this must be done in writing (E-Mail us!) and a 15% fee will be taken per item for restocking!

4. Orders of multiple items with multiple release dates will only be shipped when the entire order is ready for shipping. You may pay an additional shipping charge to have the order separated and part shipped.