Geeky Email Mailboxes - Monthly Subscription
Geeky Email Mailboxes - Monthly Subscription

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Geeky Email Mailboxes - Monthly Subscription

Stand out from the crowd with your own geeky email address and mailbox. 

This is a monthly subscription based service in which you sign up to, selecting the type of email mailbox system you want (Basic or Exchange) along with the email address you would like to use from one of our main domain names. We set them up within 24 hours of you subscribing and provide all the information you require to use them.

Each mailbox system can be accessed via webmail, or setup on your PC/Mobile/Tablet etc to access your emails on the go 24/7

Mailboxes are secured, virus scanned and hosted around the UK at separate data centres.

Each month, 5 days before your subscription is due our system will send out an invoice for you to pay. Simply follow the email instructions to keep your mailbox live. If you no longer need it either let us know, or don't pay (It automatically gets removed after 7 days of non-payment) - Minimum contract/subscription is only 1 month.

Basic Mailboxes are £4.99 a month which gives you POP3 mailbox access with a storage space of 50mb while Exchange Mailboxes are £6.99 a month, these are the more serious mailboxes giving you 50GB space, Calendars, Tasks, Address Books and sync ability across devices.

Sign up today for you geeky mailbox and choose between any of our listed domains (more will be added as this grows) your email address could be how is that for a Funko Pop! fan? :D