Funko Horror Mystery Box - Hot Topic Exclusive
Funko Horror Mystery Box - Hot Topic Exclusive

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Exclusive, Hot Topic, USA


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Oh no... where did this box come from?! It has chains and blood and... is there someone trapped inside? Well looks like you gotta open it...


May your horror Funko dreams come true. Presented in this cardboard box, contents include: Beetlejuice plushie, Friday the 13th Mystery Mini Jason Voorhees figure, Ash vs. Evil Dead pocket Pop! Ash key chain and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Pop! Movies Leatherface in pretty woman mask figure (or you could receive the variant edition which has blood splatters).

Important: This Box Is Sealed! - We can't guarantee the box quality of the products inside - Buy Purchasing this item you are agreeing to that. No Refunds On Box Damage