DC HeroClix: Justice League Unlimited Starter Set
DC HeroClix: Justice League Unlimited Starter Set

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DC HeroClix: Justice League Unlimited Starter Set [Pre-Order - Item Due In To Stock ]

Batman™, Superman™, Wonder Woman™, The Flash™, Green Lantern™, and Martian Manhunter™ band together for this brand-new HeroClix starter set!
This boxed-set is a great way for 1 to 4 players to learn HeroClix! Play with the contents of this starter set or combine it with other HeroClix figures for even more fun!
This starter set contains everything up to 4 people need to play HeroClix (Exact game components subject to change):
- 6 HeroClix Figures
- 6 HeroClix Character Cards
- 18 Object and Terrain Tokens
- 4 Full-Colour Maps
- 2 Six-Sided dice with a Justice League Unlimited logo
- 1 HeroClix Powers & Abilities Card
- 1 HeroClix Core Rulebook
- 1 Scenario/Campaign Rulebook

Due In To Stock - Pre-Order Now!

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